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Welcome Belmont
The darkness seemed to surround him even more now that he had reached this point. Simon Belmont shivered. The loneliness and decay of the abandoned castle seemed to permeate his very soul. Was he really going to do this? Was he really going to burn all of the evil demon lord Dracula's parts in a forbidden ritual?
"Tis the only way." The brave vampire hunter thought to himself. How strange it seemed to have returned to the demon castle he had once penetrated in order to defeat Dracula, and return peace to Transylvania.
"Yet this damnable curse forbids me from doing otherwise." Simon said bitterly. "Truly a fool I was to ever imagine that Dracula would fight honorably. Only he would be spiteful enough to curse me and this land as his last act…"
He stood up. There was nothing to be gained from criticizing Dracula's lack of honor. The curse must be lifted as soon as possible, lest he be sent to an early grave, and the lands continue rotting…
Walking through the derelict and empty
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The Legend of Unova
Long, long ago, before even the concept of Pokemon training was introduced, from the depths of space, a creature of some kind fell to the Earth, landing in a barren wasteland of what would eventually become Unova.
Two poor peasant brothers, desperately looking for any way to improve their lives, happened upon the injured creature. Out of kindness, they tended to its injuries from the crash. The creature was grateful to the two brothers, and proclaimed he would aid them in their dream of improvement.
Once the creature had recovered, it used its awe-inspiring power to make the land fertile, the air fresh, and the climate stable. It only asked for a place it could reside after its work was completed.
The two brothers agreed to this, and rallying the then sparse population, built what is known now as "Dragonspiral Tower", which hints that the creature was in fact, a Dragon-type Pokemon from another world.
For many years, the citizens toiled, creating the residence for the mysterious Dragon
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The one that got away :iconlaunchboss:LaunchBoss 9 8
A Scientist's Tale
Some call it the Cinnabar Mansion. Some call it Fuji Labs. I call it the place where my life was ruined. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Doctor Emile White. I am a former scientist and expert on genetics. I say "former" because after what I am about to relate to, I gave up on my scientific endeavors after realizing the ramifications of them.  But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning:
Since a young age I was always fascinated with life forms of all kinds. From microscopic bacteria to the giant Wailord, I had a thirst for knowledge on how they (And by extension us) "ticked" so to speak. I attended Mauville University, and graduated with top marks in nearly every form of biology they offered. Many a time my professors told me I could become a great scientist. Using this praise as a springboard, I seized an opportunity that came up to join a team of dedicated researchers at Fuji Labs in the Kanto region. To my great surprise, they accepted me, and
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Red vs. Giovanni :iconlaunchboss:LaunchBoss 19 9
Feared…feared and hated. That's what I am. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Pokémon known as "Hypno", and I am most well-known for the hypnotic psychic powers I possess. While there are many possibilities for me, my only aspiration is survival.  
Hungry. That's what I was. Hungry and lonely. We Hypno are not like most Pokémon who absorb nutrients by ingesting them through our mouths – we must solely rely on eating the dreams of others to survive. It is not easy to however, as most Pokemon dreams are not sufficient meals, and after only mere hours I will be hungry again.
Humans however, provide enough energy in their dreams to last for days at a time, which is the only way I have managed to survive so far. We Hypno are rare in the wild for this reason, as very few of us can stay alive for long after evolving. I sometimes wish I was a Drowzee again – a weaker Pokemon who could get enough energy to last several hours by ingesting the dream of a mere
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To say that Bubbleman was irritated would be an understatement.
"Why?" The Scuba-clad robot thought to himself as he half-walked, half-hopped towards the main headquarters of Skull Fortress. "No one even knows where this place is…" he grumbled angrily before continuing, "There's no reason to continue with this." Running a diagnostic through his head, he calculated that wasting Internal operations energy on unhappiness would have a 64% chance of an undesirable outcome. Tearing his attention away from the snickers of the other robots he knocked on the skull-emblazoned steel door.
"Come in," a grouchy voice answered. Bubbleman obliged, entering the room. It was no different than usual, various robot parts and blueprints littered the floor, sharing the cramped space with empty cups of coffee and spare labcoats. The aquatic machine ambled up to the tiny desk at the back of the room, where sat his creator, Dr. Albert Wily. A balding man in his late 50s, Dr. Wily was tinkering with a sma
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Case 9515 Cinnabar Anomaly
Crimson City Mental Institution.
Case # 9515 Interview # 2
October 15th 1996
"Ummm... Yes. I was on my way to the Viridian Forest to try and find a Pikachu, as I'd recently heard that they could be found there. Having less electricity to siphon unlike those in the abandoned Power Plant, I thought it'd be easier to raise.  In retrospect, I really should have gone to the Power Plant... Why didn't I go?! WHY?!
[The patient then broke down in tears and was unable to speak for several minutes]
A-along the way I met an old man who I had gotten into an argument with the first time I tried to pass through to the forest.  He recognized me and apologized, citing his grumpiness as low blood sugar.  We talked for awhile, and then he saw my Pokédex, which I had gotten from Professor Elm of the Johto region during my travels there. He assumed I was a novice trainer, and asked if I wanted to watch him catch Pokemon to see how it was done.
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Giovanni vs Silver :iconlaunchboss:LaunchBoss 37 18 The Rocket Boss :iconlaunchboss:LaunchBoss 20 22
Mew Glitch
The Following is an excerpt from an interview given by a Trainer who has asked to remain anonymous. It concerns data about the legendary Pokemon Mew. Access restricted to Team Rocket Scientific Division 8.
"Ummm yes…Okay, it was like this. I was in Cerulean City one day, visiting a friend of mine who traded me a Jynx a few years ago. We talked for awhile, and the subject of Nugget Bridge and Route 25 was brought up. You know that little path that leads up to Bill's house? Yeah, he told me that a bunch of trainers had gathered there to practice, and having come off a hot streak I thought why not? I could use some practice.
So I went up the Nugget Bridge, unable to take the challenge again (I'd be rich if I could though!) and it was the strangest thing…On the way up, I felt that something was behind me. I originally suspected it might be a Gengar playing a trick or something, but it was broad daylight. I ke
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Link vs. Dark Link
Link staggered painfully through the yellow bricked hallways of the Great Palace.
He was bleeding profusely, and had several burns, cuts, and bruises. His right arm
was aching painfully after attempting to block a fireball with his shield. This was by
far the worst injuries he'd had on his long journey to wake Princess Zelda,
and save Hyrule but he was relieved his quest was almost over. He stopped
walking for a minute, and sat down to rest, thinking about his quest. You see, two
years ago, Ganon, the Prince of Darkness sought to collect the Triforce and rule
over a dynasty of fear and darkness. The Triforce was a mystical artifact that was
supposedly left by the Golden Goddesses who were rumored to have created
Hyrule, and according to the ancient scriptures, had three parts to it, being
wisdom, power, and courage.
When he attacked Hyrule, Ganon had stolen the Triforce of power and increased
his already awe inspiring magical prowess, and imprisoned Princess Zelda, who
had broken the T
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I. M. Meen
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What's amazing is how unkind and judgmental some people can be. Even if I don't know someone, I always like to give them a chance. But apparently that's not the way it's done nowadays.


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